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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Male Intellect: an oxymoron?

Seven years ago I have seen The Male Intellect: an oxymoron? in Boston. I enjoyed it so much I have seen it twice. Now they brought the show to Vienna.

Robert needs to figure out what women really want after his fiance left him to let him find the answer. Jumping between his left side of the brain (the male side) and his right (female) side and with the help of some old mates he finds women want honesty, communicate, passion, a sense of humor and sensitivity.

I was really surprised. It was as great as in Boston seven years ago. Of course, some little changes had to be made to adjust for jokes which do not work in German. But I remembered a lot of wording and many small details in the performance. We had a great actor who even spontaneously reacted to the audience. If I had watched it the first time here in Vienna I would not have noticed it is translated.

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