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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bush ridicules human rights

After amnesty international had a serious report about the USA violating human rights in many cases and thereby "diminishing its moral authority and setting a global example encouraging abuse by other nations" Bush's speaker only ridiculed human rights. There is, of course, another interpretation: They might not even consider their victims human beings. Either way, history repeats.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Newsweek had a report in which it was mentioned that Bush's troops are insulting religious feelings of their prisoners. White House knew about that report before and did not complain. Suddenly after the report appeared the source did not remember anything, very surprising. Not only the circumstances of that memory lack are surprising, there are also reports of the Red Cross confirming the war crimes. But still White House still has the chutzpa of pressing Newsweek to not only take back the report, but to "help repair the damage to the image of the United States in the Muslim world". What do they imagine here? The long series of torture with outmost cruelty with the terror victims dying after they have been virtually destroyed, a report describes that their dead bodies looked worse than from people run over by a bus. It certainly does not make any difference that those terror victims were presumed innocent and tortured just for the "fun of it". If they would have been guilty of any crime by any means it would not be any better. Or does the terrorist central in the White House think about the great heroes bringing their victims to Uzbekistan or Egypt for torture? Or do they think of their terrorists kidnapping innocent people from democratic countries in Europe?

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