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I work as a management consultant. This also explains why this web site is increasingly outdated. Yet you can find me on various social media sites:

In my previous life, I got a Ph.D. in mathematical logic from the Institute for Logic at the University of Vienna and a Diplom in mathematics from the University of Bonn; inbetween I have spent a research year at MIT. Also I wrote about investor relations and other stuff, see my publication list.

In the world of politics, I am a founder and former executive member of the Virtueller Ortsverein (VOV) (have been an SPD member for a long time). Additionally, I have been a staff assistant for Jörg Tauss, Member of the German Bundestag. Here in Austria, I am a member of VIBE!AT.

My interest in the net lied mostly with usenet, especially de.all, where a friend and I co-authored the book "Newsgroups — Weltweit diskutieren". For some unknown reason — which will likely remain in the dark — I was declared a hacker. And yes, I do have a PGP key. Finally, I also had a blog.

I was also involved in software development: Forté Agent, SeaMonkey, Bogofilter. Sometimes I code some Perl scripts and various CGIs on this server or where I have been webmaster (www.logic.univie.ac.at, www.vov.de and elsewhere).

I am a mensan and priest of the German Internet Oracle. So you may inquire whether I qualify as a geek or nerd: I guess so, since in various nerdity tests I score above 50% and I received the "Geek of the Week" award on April 9, 2000. Decipher my geek code to determine my geekiness:

Version: 3.12
GM/S/B$ d-(++) s++:- a C++ UL(++) P++ L+ E--- W++ N+++(+) o++++ K+++ w+ !O !M-- V PS+(++) PE+(++) Y+(++) PGP++ !t !5 !X !R tv+ b+@ DI(+) !D G e++++ h--- r++ y+++

But wait! I also do quite normal things. I'm not only a diver, but now an apneist. And I even have a real life — with human beings, you know?

A note on my name: It is pi or π, not Pi, PI, or Π — even at the beginning of a sentence. In German, the genitive is spelled "pi's", which is not the frequent mistake, but "amtliche Regelung der deutschen Rechtschreibung" (§ 97).

You might find some useful things in my hotlist. Enjoy!

Thanks to Google I also offer a German version of this page; and you can search this site: Google

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