Perl scripts by pi

Feel free to use. But please include some text like this:
Script by Boris 'pi' Piwinger, see

Everything works for me. If it does not work for you, I cannot help you. Check files with: perl -cwMstrict

If you want just the script, download with:
lynx -dump -width=500 $URL | grep '^ \+[0-9]\+ |'|sed -E 's/^ +[0-9]+ \| ?//'
Authoritative nslookup. Try at
Script to train bogofilter from mboxes.
CGI-Script to organize Bugzilla bugs.
CGI script which looks at web pages and checks for perl regular expression.
Reads e-mail from STDIN and deletes unwanted parts. Returns e-mail to STDOUT.
Takes lines form STDIN and tries to decide if found addresses are e-mail addresses or messages-ids (beta).
CGI script to calculate IQ point and percentages back and forth (mean 100, standard deviation 15).
Reads text from STDIN and breaks lines, quotes and long words (such as URLs) are not destroyed. Basically a one-liner for which Microsoft's programmers are too stupid.
HTML pages are checked for correctness of absolute links.
Reads e-mail from STDIN and outputs MIME structure.
Checks, if web pages listed in a file changed.
Script zum Mitlesen des vwd-Tickers. Output wird in einer Datei geschrieben.

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